The reviews given here are based solely on our experience and hence the concentration on the places to go out in Nicosia (where we used to live) and Famagusta area (where we live now). It is not our intention to comment on the quality of service, food, interior etc., but just to provide feedback (and our personal and very biased rating) from the dog owner's perspective, i.e. whether we were allowed to have a seat with our dog and if we received any special treatment.

We are not sure if the cafes/restaurants have any policy or if they let us have a meal with our dog just as a nice deed. We never just barge into a place assuming that our beloved furry friend is supposed to be welcomed everywhere. We try to be as considerate as we can: in most of the cases we ask beforehand if our dog is allowed, we always look for the places to sit outside, if there are people eating next to our table, we ask them as well if they are OK for our dog to be so close. We also try to keep Buddy on good manners – we insist that he either lays or sits throughout the entire meal and that he doesn't bother other people and we sure don't let him on the chairs or tables or eat out of our plates. For us Buddy is a family member, but there are people who don't like dogs, some are even afraid of them, and just by being understanding towards those people we can help them to become more tolerant to our best friends.

To make information easily readable, we have special icons next to the name of each place indicating the following:

Dogs are allowed

Dogs are not allowed

Dog was allowed inside Dogs are allowed to sit inside

Dog was offered water You can expect for bowl of water

Dog was offered bone/treat Dog was given treat

If you also visited the same place with your canine and feel that our review contradicts to your experience - please feel free to share your opinion either in the comments or by contacting us.

Please also let us know on any other dog friendly places in Cyprus, so we can explore them and include information here for everyone to see.