You can make your trip or holidays in Cyprus a whole family event by taking your dog with you! There are actually much more dog friendly hotels in the island that you would imagine! We started exploring this option only very recently, thus there are not many reviews on dog friendly hotels in Cyprus yet, but we hope that to change soon. If you look for the hotel in some other area, you can just go to and select "pets allowed" filter on the left after submitting your initial search. We would also recommend you to call hotel directly and make sure that your dog is really welcome.

Even if the hotels are dog friendly, you will rarely find any extra amenities for your pooch. So don't forget to take with you everything that your dog needs to feel like at home: dog bed, bowls, toys etc. It is good idea to learn in advance if your dog is allowed to come with you in the common areas, like restaurants or hotel beach or if s/he will have to stay alone in the room, which could be quite traumatic for your pooch and end up being a huge annoyance to other hotel guests if s/he tends to howl or bark. Other than that, we hope you enjoy your stay!

As usual, the reviews given here are based solely on our experience, but you are welcome to chip in by commenting below under our reviews or contacting us directly.

To make information easily readable, we have special icons next to the name of each hotel indicating the following:

Dogs are allowed

Dogs are not allowed

Dog was offered water Dogs can accompany you to the restaurant

If you have visited some other dog friendly hotels in Cyprus, please share your opinion and views with us.