About Us

We are a young (so we like to think) international couple, based in Protaras, and crazily in love with our dog Buddy. All of us have separation issues – neither Buddy likes to stay at home alone nor we can truly enjoy our time away without him. And that is the reason why we started this website.

We have created this website for people like us, who don't think that their dog should be excluded from their social life. Your best friend would agree with us that there is no reason to leave him/her waiting for you at home alone when you go out for a drink or a bite with your friends. The problem is that there are not so many places in Cyprus where your dog can tag along.

After spending one afternoon driving around Nicosia with our monster at the back seat, trying to find a place where we can sit down with our dog and just eat waffles (the quest ended up in us just ordering take away and going home), we decided that there must be other people facing similar problems and it would be useful for all of us to exchange information on the dog friendly places in Cyprus.

So, we decided to start from ourselves – in section “Places” you can find information on the cafes/restaurants, parks, dog beaches etc. where your dog can feel welcome. We only wrote reviews on the places where we have been and tried out ourselves. It is not our intention to write reviews on the service, food quality, prices etc., but only to let you know the places where you can take your dog and provide some feedback on any special treatment that your pet may receive (bowl of water, biscuit etc.). You are more than welcome to leave your own comments on each of the place.

In order to help us and all dog owners in Cyprus, we would appreciate if you wrote us a short notice (see section “Contact us”) on any other dog friendly places that are not listed here. If you are an owner of the cafe/restaurant and want others to know that dogs are welcome at your place – please write us as well. We will make sure to visit a place and post a review as soon as possible so that the information can be spread around.

We hope you will find the information useful and will enjoy our website.

We will be thankful for any kind of feedback.