Lost & Found

Anything can happen...and we are here to help dogs to reunite with their owners. If you either found or lost a dog, please contact us via e-mail address lostandfound@dogsdayout.com.cy and give the information as listed below, so that we can update the database and post the information on the website as well as spread it in other sources of social media:

  • specify whether the dog was lost or found;
  • send as a photo of a dog;
  • describe gender (also breed, age etc. if you know);
  • specify where and when the dog was found/lost;
  • describe any other specific characteristics of a dog;
  • your name and contact information.

It will be much easier for your dog to find a way back home, if:

  • your dog bears a microchip which is also registered with veterinary services (read about it here);
  • your dog wears a name tag with your contact information.
  • you have a recent picture of your dog for posters, if they are needed.

If you notice that your dog is missing try to focus and put most of your effort to find the dog as soon as possible – as with the humans, the first 24 hours are critical.

With your help squad scouting around the neighborhood, you should also try to spread the information to as many sources as possible.

  1. Put information about a lost dog in social media, ask your friends to share. Place the information in all websites, Facebook pages that you know of. Here are some of them:
  2. Inform your local municipality (we have contacts of the Municipality of Nicosia only - if you know contact information of any other municipalities – please share with us, so we can share with everyone):
    • Municipality of Nicosia – Michalis Papadakis tel. 22 797 000 or 99671516
  3. Call around/e-mail/message to dog shelters and pet organizations in your area (see the section below).
  4. Inform the police (just go to the nearest station).
  5. Create a poster with your dog’s photo, description and your contact information and place it next to the popular public places (dog parks, grocery stores, bakeries, hospitals, cafes etc.). Hand out posters to people passing by or, better yet, to people that get around the neighborhood on a daily basis (courier guys, postmen, the ones that hand out flyers etc.).

Whatever it is, don’t give up! If it takes longer, extend the radius of your search (contact shelters in other areas etc.), place the add in newspapers etc.

Keep in mind that not every loose dog with no owner around is a stray – if dog wears a collar, name tag, looks fed, well cared of (sometimes even if not…) and just wanders around with confidence – most probably this dog is one of those that can walk by himself/herself or the “neighborhood” dog, who doesn’t have one owner, but many residents in the area take care of the dog.

If dog is lost, it is easy to understand that from seeing how distressed and afraid (of people too) s/he looks like. It is usually quite easy to befriend that kind of dog with food and water. But be cautious – there is no point to put yourself in danger and go near aggressive dog (the dog might be rabid as well). In case animal appears to pose some kind of threat of biting or attacking you, it is more than enough to just take a picture of the dog from a distance and report it to the pet organizations and/or municipality.

If dog is approachable, but has no ID tag, you should take him/her to a vet to scan for a microchip. If dog has no microchip – call the municipality and police to find out if anyone has reported dog as missing. If still no luck, try to spread the information through social media (see No 1 of the above section) or even go as far as to drive around the neighborhood asking if anyone lost a dog, print posters and place them near popular areas etc. If none of these steps end in any results, you might start assuming that the dog was abandoned and no one is looking for him/her…

Here is where the hard part starts – at this point you have to decide whether to take the dog home with you or take him/her to the local shelter and/or ask other pet organizations to take care of the dog. Most of them will reply to you that they are full and that there are no foster homes available for now and you will be “stuck” with the doggie for a while. It is not an ideal situation, but we would really recommend to avoid giving the dog away to municipality - keep in mind that if the dog is put into the municipality pound s/he is given only 15 days during which the owner is expected to come and claim the dog – otherwise the dog (even healthy one!) can be put down to sleep. You could instead keep the dog with you until the shelters have free space or pet organizations find an available foster/forever home. It could happen that you yourself will find a relative or a friend who will want to adopt the dog.

Important thing to note here is that if dog has been stray for quite some time (easiest way to detect that is to see if the dog is very skinny, hungry, thirsty and how many ticks s/he has), you will probably need to get him/her treated by a vet. If you have your own dogs at home, it would be wise to not get them into a contact with a stray dog until you have the results of the blood tests for contagious diseases (like erlychia or leismania). The dog might also need to be dewormed, vaccinated etc. These expenses will have to be incurred by you unless you pre-agree with one of the pet-organizations to cover for vet costs.

Nicosia Dog Shelter
tel. 22357005
Emergency tel. 99868512
Address: 30C, Germanou Patron Street in Makedonitissa/Engomi, Nicosia. Enter through the UN check point; call Sharon to arrange access with the guard
e-mail: ndslostandfound@gmail.com

Sirius Dog Sanctuary, Limassol
tel. 97780779

Aradippou dog shelter, Larnaca
tel. 99602647, 99-602648, 99-602649

Argos Sanctuary, Ormidia, Larnaca
Aims to rescue stray and unwanted animals, offer medical care to ailing strays
tel. 99326045, 99421102
E-mail: argos@cytanet.com.cy

Noah's Ark Dog Shelter, Ormidia, Larnaca
Is a small private boarding kennels and shelter
Tel. 99325897

Paws Dog Shelter, Paphos
tel. 99683775
e-mail: info@pawsdogshelter.com

Paphiakos & C.C.P. Animal Welre, Paphos
Is an independent animal welfare organisation providing many services including a dog shelter, boarding and training cilities and fund-raising charity shops.
tel. 26935018, 26953496,26946461
emergencies tel. 99655581
Address: 12 Dedalos Building, 8049 Kato Paphos
E-mail: paphiakos.welre@cytanet.com.cy

Peyia Animal Rescue, Paphos
Helps sick or injured homeless animals, treats and finds new homes for them. The club has no boarding cilities, but foster the animals in their care in private homes.
Tel: 99961157 (Mon – Fri, 08:00 – 18:00)
e-mail: parc.peyia1@yahoo.com

PAWS – Protecting Animals Without Shelter
Is a non-profit organization that takes care of stray and injured animals in order to prepare them for adoption (no boarding facilities – just fostering in home environment).
Tel: 99769025
E-mail: info@pawscy.com

Pets2Adopt Cyprus
Tel: 96673545
E-mail: pets@pets2adopt.com,pets2adopt@cytanet.com.cy

Cyprus K9 Rescue
Is an organization that helps stray animals to find forever home. It also has a small shelter.

British Forces Animal Welre Society (BWS) Trust, Larnaka
Is an organisation providing refuge and re-homing for dogs and cats.
Tel. 24744432
Address: Waterloo Road, Dhekelia Garrison, Larnaka
E-mail: bws@hotmail.com