Natura Beach Hotel And Villas    Dog offered waterDog allowed inside

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Chr. Papanikopoulos, 8831 Polis, Cyprus



Natura Beach Hotel And Villas Tripadvisor

The first thing that needs to be said about Natura Beach Hotel and Villas (apart from it and their owners being dog-friendly) is the amazing views! Even if everything else was not good enough, the view to the sea and mountains is just breathtaking! And it gets even better when the shepherd brings out the goats to graze on the grass in front of the sea. It makes visit worthwhile at any time of the year, even if you cannot enjoy the beach for sun baths and swimming.

What else is great about this hotel to all dog owners is that all the rooms are actually bungalows or villas with separate entrances from outside. You can also take your dog with you for breakfast on the outside patio that has plenty of spaces and sun to keep you warm even on winter days.

The hotel is pretty secluded from the city center, thus you will find plenty of space to walk your dog in surrounding fields, just no paths or pavements.

Hotel looks really stunning and well taken care of from outside. It appears to be recently renovated, pool and beach area as well as small surrounding garden beautiful and clean. The inside may need some refurbishing and more attention from cleaners, but, as said before, the views pay off for everything. For some reason, they don’t have mini fridge ready for you unless you ask for it in advance.

The hotel is located in the beautiful Polis area, which is just short drive away from other dog-friendly places like Akamas or Avakas Gorge as well as Kampos tis Foinitzias off Neo Chorio beach for dogs. That being said, you are advised to come with your own car, as the hotel is difficult to reach on foot or other means of transport.