Dog beach in Kapparis, Paralimni  

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Dog Beach is the last beach before the occupied area in Kapparis. If you follow usual route to Protaras through highway (not through Ayia Napa – Protaras seaside road), you will see big colorful signs directing you to Dog Beach starting from the traffic lights to Protaras. If you miss it – head straight on the road from Protaras towards Kapparis, pass Zorbas on your right, pass Amore Hotel on your left and head straight until next bigger crossroad. Head straight and in few meters you should see a sign on the street light on your right directing you to turn towards the sea (street in between residential house and yellow apartment building). Follow the road until it becomes off-road. Continue straight until you reach the sea.

Finally a proper actual beach that can be enjoyed by both dogs and their owners! Hands down, the best thing that happened in 2016 for dog owners for sure! And it seems that Paralimni municipality did it mainly as their own initiative without any laws and legislations from higher institutions.

Paralimni municipality informed about this beach in the middle of summer 2016 and since it immediately created frustration between dog owners and local holiday makers that used to go there from before, in just few weeks municipality put signs directing to the beach all over Kapparis and Protaras thus shutting down any further arguments.

Since the beach was officially declared as designated for dogs, the word spread very quickly amongst the locals and the beach was basically attacked by the dogs and their owners – you could see dog owners taking their pooches to the beach from early morning hours to late night with a never ending traffic. At the busiest times of the day, you would easily count more than 10 dogs enjoying the beach.

And no wonder, because - as small and tiny as it is – it’s actually a first actual Dog Beach in Cyprus! With sand and clear sea water typical for Famagusta area! No dirt or weird plants or inaccessible sea water like in other beaches designated for dogs. Basically, only sunbeds are missing Smiley. And the beach is right next to a normal beach (called Dherynia beach or New beach), separated by a small hill, so your dog cannot run away easily. This means that you can also get some snacks and refreshments during summer as well as use WC and have access to other amenities if needed.

OK, to all fairness there are some of the drawbacks. The last time we checked, there were still no trash bins for dog waste (it seems that they haven’t reached Paralimni municipality altogether), but there is a trash bin for general waste. Also, the sea ground is a bit rocky, so it’s better if you wear appropriate shoes if you are to enjoy the water as well. And there seems to be no fresh water supply if your dog gets thirsty.

But the biggest problem of all? Dog owners! As mentioned before, the traffic at the beach is really high while the beach itself is pretty small, so it took less than a month for the beach to become dirty from dog litter as well as other waste! The whole path towards the beach is also smelling from dog poo! Dog owners also forget a simple dog etiquette and bring toys and food with them as well as take some of the dogs on leash while others in general are running loose (this creates aggression for leashed dogs and other dogs don’t understand that the food or toy you brought for your dog is for your dog only). The mess created by the dog owners reached unacceptable levels and this was mainly the reason why we decided to wait for the summer peak to pass in order to enjoy the beach ourselves. The pollution and conflicts with other dog owners are just too much.

This dog beach was one of the best things that happened for dog owners in Cyprus for a very long time, especially for the residents of Famagusta area, who don’t even have public parks that can be enjoyed with their dogs. We just hope that Paralimni municipality is patient enough to give dog owners a bit more time to mature and start treating this area with respect it deserves so we can all have a nice and relaxing time at the beach with our best four-legged friends.